Monday, June 8, 2009

Snake and Scorpion

This Snake vs. Scorpion tattoo has been in the works for quite some time. My client is French and has been touring around Vietnam for some months. My first tattoo for him was a black and grey demon face on his chest. He came back to get this custom design.

He wanted to the sake to wrap around his arm. After trying to place the stencil on his arm (and failing several times) I managed to convince him that wrapping was not the best solution. We proceeded to place the stencil of the scorpion and the snakes head from my drawing then I freehanded the rest of the snake.

After all that, we were only able to get the outlines done. He came back later to start fill in but we couldn't get finish the scorpion let alone the snake. He then went off to travel, Hanoi, Ha Long bay and gods know where else.

Well, he came back and we were able to knock out the rest of it over the last couple of days.

You'll notice that the scorpion's head and left claw are darker, that's because we finished them this session. He wasn't able able to finish the scorpion in one sitting because it's on his shoulder blade which is a tender spot, and my machine may have been hitting a little hard that day.

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